Photo by Mikel Ibarluzea on Unsplash

I’m craving

the clean, meadowy smell of

pine trees and grass,

the smoky scent of

steam emanating from neighbours home,

and the cool, frost but springy kiss of

fresh, mild winter air.

I’m longing

for the sight of forested, tranquil trails,

parks, bungalows,

and fluffy, cloudy, soft-pastel blue skies.




Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Hair is like human weed

Grass that grows on your head

You water, feed, nurture and plant

Your personal garden in any way

Shape or form.

It’s a work of art

A piece of land

you inhabit and cultivate.

It’s a symbol of

health, abundance, happiness, respect,

magic and beauty.



Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash


and knotted

in the problems I have

confusions, fury, vexation



of my own

puzzle to use and keep

large, medium, small or tiny


Each day

one at a time

solving, mounting, hunting

for the resolutions to my



the real scheme

settling, fixing, getting

close to reaching my potential



my big puzzle

relieved, consoled, achieved

my goal.



Talia Flanzraich

Hello! I'm currently studying to obtain my Recreation and Leisure Services diploma at Seneca College in Canada